What Are Blackjack Strategy Cards?

US players can now use blackjack strategy cards when they play blackjack for real money at online casinos. We stumbled across an article about a master blackjack player which we gladly share with you.Don Schlesinger is one of the world's foremost blackjack experts. So much so, he's a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Moreover, Don is the brainchild of the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Cards.His work in the field of blackjack spans more than 40 years. With that in mind, let's hear what Don has to say about blackjack strategy cards.

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Otto Bergstrom

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Sep 27, 2022

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What Does The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Entail?

Blackjack experts know there’s more to normal blackjack strategy. In fact, Don has made a few tweaks to it. He takes into account the total of the player’s cards and individual cards.

Despite seeing various strategies of blackjack cards on the market, Don never saw the composition-dependent strategy. As a result, he decided to put together the perfect mousetrap, in a figurative sense of course.

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What's the Difference Between Traditional Blackjack Basic Strategy and Ultimate Strategy?

Most basic strategy players often disregard how they achieve a certain total when they play blackjack. If their first two cards add to 12. They couldn’t care less if the card totals are 8, 4, or 7, 5. What’s the big deal a 12 is a 12, right?

Simply put, there is a major difference especially when you’re playing single-deck blackjack. In other words, there’s a correct way to play those hands. Especially against the dealer’s upcards of 4, 5, or 6.

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Example of Composition-Dependent Strategy

So, how does the composition-dependent strategy work in blackjack? If you’re playing double-deck blackjack with a total of 12 and you’re up against the dealer’s 4.

Most blackjack experts will tell you that when you have a twelve against the dealer’s 4, stand. In this case, it’s not the correct way to play, it’s better to hit than to stand. It’s true for all the number of decks unless you have an eight.

The correct basic strategy when you have 15 is to surrender to the dealer’s total. Therefore, if you have a 7, 8 it’s better to hit. Interestingly, when there are 7 decks or more, surrender is better with a 7, 8.

Sometimes composition-dependent strategy involves a number of cards in your hands. A 16 that involves three cards still confuses many US blackjack players. Let’s say, you have a 9, 3, 4, do you still hit? As it turns out it’s better to stand in this case than to hit.

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Does the Ultimate Strategy Improve the Odds of Winning?

Your odds of winning playing blackjack depend on the number of decks, and the percentage of the increased return. Above all, players who use these cards will squeeze out every conceivable house edge.

Most USA casinos also allow their blackjack players to use a basic strategy card. So, why not extract the “ultimate” edge from the casinos? The cards also pay for themselves many times over when we factor in the comps online casinos award.

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Is it Difficult to Learn the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy?

Generally speaking, it depends on how keen you are to learn the ultimate blackjack strategy. Moreover, players learn at different rates.

Smart online blackjack players for real money will memorize the cards. Whilst others will keep them on hand when they visit a casino.

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Format of the Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Cards

To say the least, the format of the cards is unique. Most basic strategic cards depict the player’s hand vertically down a left-hand column. While listing the dealer’s upcard horizontally across the top of the card.

You’ll find the correct basic strategy play where a column of the dealer’s card and a row for the player’s hand intersect. Adding a second column for the player’s hand improves play.

The distinction however occurs between the dependent strategy and traditional plays. Novice blackjack players will follow the latter strategy. If you want to raise your blackjack to the “ultimate level”, use the C-D plays.

Players can purchase the cards with multi-color or tri-fold laminates whether it’s for single or multi-deck blackjack. Each card has four distinct charts players can use. When the dealer hits or stands on a soft total of 17, or when the player cannot double down after splitting a pair.

Better still, the tri-fold also includes blackjack terminology, playing decisions, and definitions. As you can see they’re pretty handy and any serious blackjack player must use them.

Included in the cards is the pocket-size 12-page information sheet of ultimate basic strategy. It also covers the finer points of basic strategy and which rules are advantageous to the player.

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Tips for Novice Blackjack Players

Before you play blackjack for real money online we suggest you learn the basic strategy. If you don’t, you’ll be a feeding stock at the casino

Blackjack strategy does not give you an advantage, therefore, play slowly. Traditional blackjack that runs on software at online casinos plays at a faster pace than live dealer blackjack. This means you’ll lose money quicker the faster you play.

Another tip is to play at tables with plenty of players because play occurs at a slower pace. Don’t play against automatic shuffle machines, you’ll lose money while the dealer is shuffling.

Finally, only play at US online live dealer casinos with the best blackjack rules. This helps you to keep the house edge to a strict minimum.

Know which rules favor the players such as the dealer stands on a soft 17. Don’t play at a blackjack table that pays 6:5 instead of 3:2.

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