Texas Hold’em Top Worst Hands

When we play Texas Hold'em the best possible start for us is a pair of Aces. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that in the real poker world.When you have a bad hand it's better to fold early on than to sit out the hand. The longer you stay in the pot with the worst poker hand the more money you'll lose. That brings us to the worst starting hands in Texas Hold'em poker to win money. 

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Otto Bergstrom

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Mar 04, 2024

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Worst Poker Hands Texas Hold'em

Holding a 7 Through to 2

The worst possible hand when you play Texas Hold’em Poker is the 2 and 7 hand, especially if it’s off-suit. You can create a straight on the river with the lowest cards.

You can continue to see the flop when you have a 7, 2 hand while in the big blind. And, if they haven’t raised the pot.

If the pot brings in a minimum of two pairs you can try your luck. When you receive a 7, 2 hand it’s better to fold 99 percent of the time.

Holding a 2 and 8

When the dealer deals us a 2 and an 8, we usually chuck them before we see the flop. Why bother it’s the same as hanging onto a 2 and 7.

You can hang onto them, but a pair of eights remains a low hand. If you get a hand like that, fold.

What About 3, 7, and 3, 8?

Once again, they’re not good hands to have when you play Texas Hold’em. They’re marginally better than 2 and 7, and 2 and 8. When you have a hand like that don’t bother hanging around, fold.

Now, some players might argue that you can land a Straight or a Flush. Yes, you can but remember, they’ll be a low-ranking Flush or Straight.

Moreover, your chances of winning with those worst hands are around 4.30 percent.

What About a 2-9?

We like to play poker at Ignition Casino, one of the best online poker casinos for Americans. The dealer dealt us once a 2-9 offsuit hand in their $2,500 Crypto Poker tourney.

That’s one of the worst possible hands to kick off a live poker tournament. To compound matters even further our next hand was 4-9. Your chances of winning a poker hand like that in Texas Hold’em is 4.70%.

When we have starting hands like that we fold right away. It’s better to lose the buy-in money in the pot than lose on the River. Plus, trying to cobble together a Flush or a Straight is risky because the stats are against you.

Is a 9 and 5 Poker Hand Any Good?

Ever heard about the “Dolly Parton” hand? That’s the infamous hand we and other poker players dread. Players dubbed it after Parton’s famous song Working Nine to Five.

So, is it a good hand, and what are your chances of winning the poker hand? Without sounding blunt, it’s better to fold the hand than wait for the River card to drop.

Face Card Pairing with a Low Card

When novice poker players receive a face card with a low-ranking card, they normally play the hand. If you know poker hand ranking and the odds of Texas Hold’em, you’ll know that it’s a mistake.

If you receive a face card with a low-value card such as a 2, 3, or 4 – fold! Research points out that the majority of face cards with low card hands lose.

Ace and Low Card

Should I play an Ace? That depends on which cards the Ace pairs with. Initially, an Ace is good but if it pairs with a low card, it’s not worth it.

Your odds of winning the hand even with an Ace are low. We had a few Aces low card hands in the past and won about 20% of them.

As you can see that’s poor, and the stats speak for themselves. The moral of the story is when you have a hand like that it’s better to fold.

Odds Tables Receiving Specific Hands Texas Hold’em

An understanding of your odds of winning a hand with an Ace is essential. It will give you an advantage over your opponents and to work out a strategy.

AcesOdds of Receiving Specific Starting Hands 
Pair of Aces220 to 1
Pair of Aces or Kings119 to 1
Pair of Tens or Better43 to 1
Any Pair16 to 1
Ace with a King331 to 1
Ace with a King Offsuit110 to 1
Any two suited cards3.25 to 1
A hand with a pair or Ace4 to 1

Conclusion Worst Hands to Star with Texas Hold’em

We’ve learned from experience that discretion is the better part of valor. Also, we ended up bluffing more when we had an Ace with a low-value card.

Smart poker players will smell a rat if you play with a hand like that. More often than not they’ll ride out the hand to see your bluff. By then you could have invested a substantial amount in the pot.

If the dealer deals you an Ace with a low card in Texas Hold’em don’t overstay your welcome. Poker is a game of skill that doesn’t rely on luck that much.

It’s better to fold the worst Texas Hold’em poker hands before the flop comes. Otherwise, you’ll have to play with a hand that can cost you dearly.

the author

Otto Bergstrom

the author

Otto Bergstrom, a casino and gambling veteran with 20 years of experience, writes for USAcasinos247. He is a Technical gambler and very few have his expert capability when it comes to Online Casinos and game play stratergies

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