Texas Holdem

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To be good at Texas Hold’em you must know the odds, strategies, when to bluff, and play aggressively. For the best gambling experience, play Texas Hold’em at our top online casinos for real money.

poker iconCasino Texas Hold’em is arguably the most popular poker variant across the globe. The goal of Texas Hold’em poker is to build the best poker hand with 5 cards.

This Texas Hold’em guide covers the rules, odds, strategies, and bets. Best of all, you can Play Texas Hold’em at our top-rated online casinos.

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Texas Hold'em Rules

The rules of Texas Hold’em are pretty straightforward. Each player receives two facedown or hole cards from the dealer.

Always aim to build the best poker hand with your 5 cards. The dealer will then deal the remainder of the 5 cards face up.

They are the Flop, the Turn, and the River. Check out our casino games if you want to play slots for real money or any other game.

Rules of Texas Hold'em

If you want to win real money playing Texas Hold'em poker, you must know the rules of the game.

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The Dealer Deals Two Cards and the Community Cards

The dealer deals each player two cards at the Texas Hold’em table. Next, the dealer deals five cards at regular intervals they are the “community cards”.

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Hole Cards and Ante Bet

The game of Texas Hold’em starts with the “Ante” and the “Blind”. Next in line are the “hole” cards.

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How to Place Your Bets

Players place their bets according to the Flop, the Turn, and the River. Depending on the type of hand you have you can raise, check, call, or you can fold.


The Best Hand Wins in Texas Hold'em Poker

Once the dealer has dealt the ‘River’ card. The players still left in the pot compare their hands by calling or raising. Whoever has the highest-ranking poker hand wins the pot.

Where to Play Texas Hold'em Online

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How to Play Texas Hold'em

Now that you're familiar with the rules of Texas Hold'em. The next step is to play the game like a whizz, simply follow our step-by-step guide.

The Blinds

In casino Texas Hold’em poker there are two blinds namely the “Small” and the “Big” blinds. The small blind is to the left of the dealer or the button. Whilst the big blind is the next seat to the left of the small blind.

First Betting Round: Hole Card and Preflop

Once each player knows who the blinds are at the table. The dealer deals each player two cards that are face down. Once you received the two hole cards from the dealer. The player to the left of the big blind plays first. Now, based on his or her cards, the player can decide to raise, check, or call the big blind.

The Flop

Ever heard the saying “burn and turn”? To reach the Flop, the dealer must “burn” the top card before he deals the three cards face up. The flop or the three cards are in the center of the table.

You can mix and match any combination of the three community cards with your hole cards. For the best possible hand, you must know the poker hand ranking sequence. The player to the left of the dealer will either check, raise or bet. Each player at the Texas Hold’em table will follow suit.

The Turn

The fourth face up card on the table is the Turn card. The dealer must always burn a card before he adds the next card to the community cards. Just like the Flop, the same round of betting ensues.

5. The River

The River is the final round of betting and the fifth card in the center of the table. The dealer burns the fifth card by adding it to the other four community cards. Players will once again place their bets.

Once all the betting is over the players remaining in the pot must reveal their cards. The player with the highest ranking hand wins. However, if there are players with the same hand, they’ll have to split the pot.

Hand Rankings Texas Hold’em

It’s vital to know the poker hand ranking of Texas Hold’em because there are a few variables at play. Not only must you consider the possibility of landing a good hand. But, the chances of the other players landing one as well.

Now, the only way to do that is to know the odds of each hand appearing. There’s the high card or kicker and the various poker hand rankings. The players will then compare their hands to see which hand wins. If two players have the same hand, the player with the highest ranking kicker wins the hand.

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How to Bet Texas Hold'em

The main betting limits in Texas Hold’em are Limit, Pot Limit, or No-Limit. The latter betting option is the most popular in Texas Hold’em. Here are the various bets:


When you play Texas Hold’em with a ‘Limit’ you can only bet a certain amount. For example, you can only raise the big blind’s hand twice or three times. If you are still learning the ropes of Texas Hold’em rather play Limit Hold’em. Your bankroll lasts longer since the cost of each bet has a predetermined amount.

Pot Limit

Pot limits are advantageous to poker players who like to bluff or who prefer large bets. At any point during the betting round, you can raise your bets equal to the pot amount. The big blind determines the smallest wager. Moreover, if they allow raises in the pot-limit bets can be high.

No Limit

No Limit Texas Hold’em is hands down the most popular thanks to the WSOP TV tournament. As the name implies, no limit literally means anything goes. You can go all in at any point in the game.

No-limit Texas Hold’em is perfect for players who like to bluff. However, it requires proper bankroll management because the risks are larger. Poker hand ranking and the rules of the game are essential when you play no-limit poker.

Table Layout Texas Hold’em

It helps a lot if you know how the layout looks at the Texas Hold’em table.

holdem table

Can I Participate in Texas Hold’em Tournaments?

Yes, you can. Top Texas Hold’em tournaments are Sit-and-Go, Ring Games, and Multi-Table tournaments. We take a closer look at each in the following section.

1. Sit-and-Go

When you participate in a Sit-and-Go tournament you’re up against 10 other players. The only players who win money are the top 3. So, if you win you’ll win 50 percent, second place takes 30 percent and third place wins 20 percent.

2. Ring Games

You can participate in Ring games at any time of the day or night and the entry fee is flexible. If you’ve lost your bankroll there is a buy-in option as well. If you win a nice pot you can leave the table at any time.

3. Multi-Table

To play a multi-table game tournament you must pay an entry fee. Each player at the table receives the same amount of chips and the player with all the chips wins.

Casino Texas Holdem Strategy & Tips

Play The Best Hands

The mistake most players make is that they try and play every single hand. Remember, the more hands you play the more money you stand to lose. Rather play the starting hands that are good.


The late position in the game favors you more than the early position. For the simple reason, there aren’t many players still in the pot. This gives you ample opportunity to play more aggressively by raising, or to bluff even.


Just because you’ve lost a hand doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention. Look for those tells and opportunities to bluff on your next hand.

Budget Control

The size of your bankroll doesn’t matter but your skill and knowledge of poker do. Pro poker players play with a bankroll that’s around 300 big blinds.

Bluff and Play Aggressive

Bluffing and aggressive play usually go hand in hand. Most poker experts will agree with us the more aggressive you play the more hands you’ll win. Aggressive play causes players to fold. However, it’s also important to mix it up by bluffing now and again.

Don’t Show Your Hand

You’re under no obligation to show your hand if you’ve won the pot. But, it helps a bit to show your hand now and again. Especially, if you’ve won with four aces or a straight flush.

Strategy Chart Texas Holdem

Texas Hold’em strategy chart is a nice tool if you’re still fresh at the game. Next time you play make sure you have one in hand.

Odds Texas Hold’em

It’s in your best interest to know the odds of each hand appearing in Texas Hold’em poker. There are a few ways you can determine the odds of getting the right cards. More to the point, your odds of catching trips on the flop from your hole cards are 1.35%. If you hold A♠ K♥ preflop, and the flop drops K♣ K♦ 5♦, you’ve flopped trip kings.

To calculate the “outs” in poker you can subtract their outs from the cards that remain in the deck. If there was a flush draw on the flop, 38 outs is what you’ll have. Therefore, 52 cards in a deck, 2 hole cards, 3 flop cards, and 9 outs. Further, if the players had a straight draw on the turn, the result will be 38 outs.

Top Texas Hold’em Games


ultimate texas holdem

Texas Hold’em has plenty of variants that are based on the original poker. Popular games include Caribbean Holdem, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and Casino Hold’em. You can even play Texas Hold’em at live dealer casinos for real money.

Play Texas Hold'em for Free

If you want to sharpen your Texas Hold'em skills the best way to do so is through practice play. The top online casinos have the best tables online for free cash and they offer deposit bonuses.


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