The Top Blackjack Countermeasures Casinos Use

The top Blackjack countermeasures casinos use is their way of counteracting new player strategies. This article takes a closer look at the newest strategies gambling sites use to thwart smart blackjack players.

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Otto Bergstrom

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Dec 06, 2022



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How Smart Are Blackjack Casinos?

Smart very smart. Just like blackjack players, online casinos in the USA become more resourceful. In other words, they have to cope with the newest developments players use to beat the casino.

Initially their aim was to stop players who use a strategy by frequently reshuffling the deck. That did not work. Hence the reason why live dealer casinos for Americans are doing away with 6 card decks.

The fewer decks there is in blackjack the more advantageous it is to the player, right? Some casinos resorted to dealing the cards face down. Now, there is a very good reason for that.

Smart blackjack for real money players won’t be able to see the cards before it’s their turn to play. In fact, some casinos now use shills by having them conceal their cards. Perhaps not online but definitely at land casinos.

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The Top Blackjack Countermeasures Casinos Use

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1. Dealers Who Count

If you’re up against a dealer that is good at counting cards, what now? Many casinos now employ dealers that are former blackjack experts.

Suppose they cut them in on the profits. If you suspect the dealer is counting cards at a blackjack table. Blackjack experts reckon the best way to go about it is to sit in the last seat. Bet heavily on the first deal and hope you win with your 1 percent edge.

Moreover, go lightly on the bets. If the dealer suspects you’re onto him, he might let go of his tactics.



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2. Strike if the Deck is Hot

Smart dealers shuffle away the cards and only play with the bad cards. You can also do the same. Before you place your first bet, get your card count first.

If the card count is top-notch, pull up a seat and go in big. Basically, you’re striking when the deck is hot. Besides, the dealer won’t reshuffle on you because he doesn’t know that your first bet is going to be large.



3. Punish the Fakes

When you increase your bets that’s when the dealers usually reshuffle the decks. Some of them are legit Ten counters which means that the deck is “good”.

However, a large majority of them are not. Against system players they reshuffle the deck just to be on the safe side. Many of the ones we often come across are outright fakes.

The dealers indicate to the pit boss they’re counting non-Tens and Tens. While in reality they don’t have a cooking clue as to what is going on.

If they see a big bet, they reshuffle the cards. When you find a fake, stick to him like a tick to a dog because he’s “money in the bank”.

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4. Multiple Decks

Over the years online casinos increased the number of blackjack decks. There is a very good reason for that. By adding more decks, they believe it makes counting cards a slog.

However, gambling sites often forget that players who can count one deck can count several decks. But the main problem of two or four decks is the advantage of the Ten-count ratio is rather low.

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5. They Changed the Rules

Casinos often change their rules to combat the strategies of blackjack players, primarily the Ten-card count. The question is what strategy did casinos use?

Las Vegas casinos now prohibit the splitting of Aces and doubling down to totals of hard 11. This reduces the strategy advantage players have by 1 percent.

More to the point, a reduction from 10 percent to 9 percent. How did the rules impact strategy players? The top players continued playing but their rate of winning was not as good as it used to be.

The new blackjack rules also had a profound effect on the income of casinos in Vegas. Fewer people played blackjack which meant the casinos made less money. Long story short, they started scuttling the new rules.

They’ll rather have their business back even if it meant putting up with strategy bettors.

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6. Camouflage

Gambling sites are fully aware of the players that use basic strategy when they play blackjack. More often than not the dealers will shuffle the cards often, and even bar them.

Strategy blackjack players had to come up with a new solution by disguising their play. Consequently, they did not place big bets at the start of each new deck.

The bottom line is, if you play in casinos with two or more dealers, bet off the top less frequently. They’ll shuffle the deck less.

More importantly, vary your bet sizes, if you don’t the dealer will know that something is afoot.

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7. Automatic Blackjack Machines

The top blackjack countermeasures casinos use is the automatic blackjack machine. To put it bluntly, they now longer use dealers.

Furthermore, if the machine deals in a one-deck game, it reshuffles the cards after every deal. Not only does it negate card counting but reduces the player’s odds of winnings.

You’re looking at odds of 0.33 to 0.5 percent. Not to mention they change the rules by preventing doubling down on hard totals of 10 or 11. They also don’t allow players to split their pairs.

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Verdict: Top Blackjack Countermeasures Casinos Use

The best way to combat the blackjack countermeasures casinos use is to play for less than an hour. The point is you won’t attract any attention.

Go to another casino after your hour is over. See yourself as a newspaper boy delivering papers door to door. It also helps to play against the dealers you won money against. Don’t go in big after the first shuffle and make sure your timing is right.

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