How to Win Consistently Playing Online Slots

How to win consistently playing slots is a conundrum in itself. We often hear our readers lament about the Random Number Generator attached to each slot machine.With thousands of slot titles across hundreds of online casinos, slot players can access and play most of them.

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Otto Bergstrom

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Sep 26, 2022

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slotsNow that smartphones are the order of the day we can now play slots on the go. We bet you have a cheat sheet handy when you play online table games.

However, slot games and cheat sheets occupy different galaxies as each slot machine is unique. Yes, there are a bunch of slot-winning tips on the internet, and most are relatively spot-on.

Most advice columns focus mainly on money management and the mathematics of the game. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s probably the best advice you’ll get to retain your bankroll.

Slot games are 100% a game of chance, even more so than the national lottery. As such, the Random Number Generator is par for the course. The only way to increase your odds of winning is to pick the right slot, right?

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How to Win Consistently Playing Slots

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Play Slots At Reputable Online Casinos

Why should choosing an online casino be any different? Always look into the reputation of your online casino.

What’s more enticing than a ‘special deal’ sign flashing across our screens? Unfortunately, most players often overlook the terms and conditions of a casino in search of the next big win.

Would you do this when purchasing a new vehicle? Obviously not, because cars are expensive, and we research all the specs before we sign on the dotted line.

The top-rated online gambling sites for USA players have legitimate gambling licenses issued by a respected gaming commission.

When you visit the online casino’s website you’ll see the commission seal at the bottom of the home screen.

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Pick a Site That Suits Your Playing Style

We don’t expect you to do your own research as it is pretty time-consuming. However, you want to get to your favorite slot game and win real money, don’t you?

To this end, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Click on any casino links to see their user-friendly layouts, game libraries, and bonuses on offer.

In the reviews of our online casinos, we check their customer support, casino deposit methods, games, and reputation.

A quick tip to identify a shady operator is a slow loading speed problem or poorly designed site. Run for the hills when you encounter one of these casino gambling sites.

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Slots With The Best Numbers

Now that you’ve selected a top US online casino, it’s time to choose which online slot games you want to play. When you play slots for real money look beyond a slot game’s alluring colors, graphics, and audio tracks.

Instead, focus on the game’s RTP, volatility, hit frequency, and betting options. Let’s look at some simple facts regarding slot numbers you need to consider.

The closer the RTP is to 100%, the better. Forget about the top jackpot prize and look at the paytable symbol values.

Avoid any slot game with an RTP of 95% or lower. For consistent wins, although not large ones, pick low-volatility games.

When playing with a small budget, stick to lower betting options while selecting more winning lines.

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Practice The Slot with Free-Play Credits

After checking out the specs of the online slot. It’s time for a test drive, so you know what you’re getting into.

Keep in mind, online casinos nowadays don’t allow you to test their games in practice mode. If you want to play the slots with free credits, visit the online casino software’s website.

For example, you can play slot machines like Rags to Witches at the website of Betsoft for free.

Playing the slot for free means you have ample time to test the features. The first go-round should give you enough information regarding the slot’s theme, graphics, and in-game bonuses. That’s the round you play for fun.

Getting into the heavy stuff, your subsequent free play cycles should center around how the slot plays. Take notes on some of these issues and write them down to do a comparative analysis between slots.


Why Playing a Slot for Free is Important

Identify the Wild symbol and determine how many spins it takes before it lands on the reels. Count the number of spins before the Scatter symbol activates a bonus feature. With the pick-me features, test different scenarios and their outcome.

Determine how free spins and multipliers affect your winnings. Moreover, how many spins it took to launch the free spins feature? Change your wager and bet per line to understand which pays better.

Play each slot in free mode for at least 150 spins before you risk your money. If you can afford it, play max bet for a better return.

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Withdrawing Your Online Slot Winnings

Don’t we all want to win the big jackpots, especially the progressive ones? The odds of landing a progressive is as remote as trying to catch a fly with chopsticks.

The hard fact about games of chance remains their very essence of spewing out random win opportunities. Don’t focus too much on the jackpot prize; rather, stretch your wins out by landing the smaller ones.

You’ll miss the small but constant winning combinations if you wait for the special features to kick in. They are the mainstay of regular wins and may stretch your bankroll and playtime on any slot game.

While we’re on this topic, we should mention that lower-betting slots tend to give you just that.

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Know When To Stop Playing Slots

Everybody’s heard the term ‘hot machine.’ This is a myth because a Random Number Generated slot game starts each play anew.

So, if you’re waiting for a slot game to turn hot you’ll lose your bankroll. If you won money higher than the casino’s minimum withdrawal limit. Cash out your slots winnings fast with cryptocurrencies.

We say so because with cryptos you’ll receive your online slot winnings the same day. Besides, there’s no honor playing a slot that refuses to pay.

Try a different slot, but more importantly, smart gamblers know when to quit.

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The world of online gambling offers a slew of opportunities to find the best ways to win real money. Online slot machines remain the most-played games of chance today, especially in the United States.

How to win consistently playing online slots is easy. Yet, you must know what to do and what to look for in a slot.

Nobody knows the exact number of slot machines, but there are tens of thousands. With this good news, each American slot lover should have at least a top 10 slot game list.

If these have not brought you consistent wins, it’s time to reinvent your strategy by following our guidelines above.

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