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September 11, 2019
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100% up to $5,000 & $BTC9,000

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VIP European Roulette from Betsoft Gaming puts high rollers that love to play for high stakes in the driving seat. We decided to give it a go with a bankroll of $1,000 at an average stake of $5.

The US online casino we chose for the occasion is MYB Casino. The site offers a variety of roulette games including our favorite VIP European Roulette. The betting range is $1 up to $500 per hand.

As you can see the betting options per spin are wide and perfect for VIP high rollers. A striking feature about Betsoft Gaming’s VIP European Roulette is that it looks like the real deal.


Betsoft’s VIP European Roulette

VIP European Roulette Table Layout

Betsoft VIP European Roulette

We navigated the roulette table by checking the rules, odds, and terms. In other words, we had a look at the “lay of the land” before placing our chips. The layout of Betsoft’s VIP European Roulette is straightforward.

Furthermore, the audio track is easy on the ear. To the left of the roulette table is the 1st 12. In the middle is the 2nd 12 and to the right is the 3rd 12. The numbers range from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36 with colors red or black.

You can place your bets on any of them. Now that all the formalities are out of the way, let’s play!


How We Played VIP European Roulette for Real Money

Betting On The 2nd 12

Once we placed a bet of $5 we had a few options at our disposal. First, if we’re not happy with the amount we’ve placed. We can ‘Clear‘ it, then there’s Undo, Spin, and Double. With a bankroll of $1000, we can play for 200 hands.

Since Roulette is a game of chance lady luck has the final say. As such, we had a betting strategy in mind. We decided to try our luck five times on the 2nd 12 red option. We won twice with red and lost three times when the ball landed on black.

So, our odds of winning were just below 50%. Come to think of it that’s not bad. At that stage, our VIP European Roulette online bankroll was still intact, a whopping $994.

We placed $5 bets on black 2n 12 with exactly the same results. Once again our bankroll was $994. Okay, we were still down $6 – time to up the ante. We placed bets of $5 each on the 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. What we noted was that we continued to break even.

Not really fun now is it? We spread our $5 chips by betting on Odd, 1 to 18, 29, 2nd 12, and black 17. If you’re wondering why we picked 29 and 17 because they appeared a few times.

Increased Bets to $25

For our next session, we increased our bets to $25 per spin. Note that we placed bets on 1 to 18, Even, and 19 to 36.

After 5 hands we won 45% of our hands. Simply put, with a total bet of $75 we’d lose half our bets, won one $75 and $100 win. The RTP of European roulette is 97.30% which means it’s a low volatility game.

Furthermore, it also coincides with our own real money VIP European roulette playing experience. Admittedly, we were losing money albeit at a slow pace.


VIP European Roulette Maximum Bets

Betsoft VIP European Roulette

The time has come to go all out playing VIP online European Roulette. That’s to say playing for the maximum wager of $500. We played it safe up and till now.

So, what betting strategy did we try this time? We placed $200 chips on ODD and EVEN for about 5 spins. Our bankroll grew from around $650 to $1,676.50 in an instant.

What we picked up playing odds and even is that they vary between 25% to 50%. Every time we won a hand we won $400. If we lost we parted ways with $200.


Tips & Strategy

It’s advantageous to play VIP European Roulette for low stakes before you increase your bets. Play around a bit with the ODD, EVEN, 1 to 19, and 19 to 36.

You can place your bets on all of them or you can mix it up a bit. Since it’s VIP European Roulette play for the max wager but play at least 5 max bets per hand.

Even though we did not play online VIP European Roulette with a bonus, you can. However, it’s important to check the wagering requirements attached to the bonus. Bonus offers usually contribute 100% towards the WR if you play slots online. Whilst table games like VIP European Roulette contribute way less.

Most importantly, play VIP European Roulette with free credits before you commit real money. You get to experience the payouts, graphics, audio, and animations.

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Verdict: VIP European Roulette for Real Money

The house edge of Betsoft’s VIP European Roulette is good which means plenty of wins. We timed our sessions to 200 hands at $5 with the odd max bet to test the waters a bit. VIP European Roulette is a passive game with decent payout potential.

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