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August 14, 2022
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Multi-Hand European Blackjack Betsoft is a variant of online blackjack with 6 decks. Players play against the dealer or the bank. The goal of Multi-Hand European blackjack is to beat the dealer’s hand with 21. Or, come as close to as possible without busting.

When you play Multi-Hand blackjack and your first two cards total 21, you have Blackjack! You can play Multi-Hand blackjack at Wild Casino. The site also happens to be one of the best online casinos for Americans.

If we unpack the stats of Multi-Hand blackjack it’s the perfect game for low rollers because the RTP is 99.38%. Players who use an optimal betting strategy can reduce the game’s house edge to 0.5%.

multi hand blackjack

Betsoft’s Multi-Hand Blackjack

Multi-Hand Blackjack Table Game Layout

Before you play multi-hand blackjack online for real money have a look at the game’s features. In other words, the betting range, table rules, and the overall software.

By the way, the software of Betsoft Gaming’s multi-hand is fantastic. It feels like playing in a real casino! More importantly, Betsoft also gives you the opportunity to play multi-hand blackjack with free credits.


Playing for Different Bets Against The Dealer

We had a go at multi-blackjack for real cash online at Wild Casino for $5 and $25 bets respectively. We played 15 hands for $5 bets and we made a small profit of $50. Thereafter we increased our average bets to $25 per hand.

We also picked up a few things along the way as we played. For one, the moment we Hit on a 15, 16, or 17 we lost around 85% of our hands. The same thing happened on a Stand as well.

The difference however lies in the bets. The higher our average bet the more brutal the RTP becomes. As we said previously we were coasting and the needle did not move much.

What Happens When We Played for Maximum Bets?

Make no mistake multi-hand blackjack is a great game and we had a bit of fun. Take note that the emphasis is on “fun”. Keep in mind, we did not play multi-hand blackjack for real money but with free credits.

Betsoft Gaming gave us free-play credits of $1,000. Strictly speaking, that’s only two hands because our average bet was $500 per hand. We got a few PUSH hands against the dealer. That’s to say the dealer and us got exactly the same hand.


Tips & Strategy Multi-Hand Blackjack

US players have a few options at their disposal when it comes to playing multi-hand blackjack. You can play this version of blackjack online with free credits.

You can play multi-hand blackjack the classic version. Or, you can multi-hand blackjack at the best live dealer casinos online. The best way to hone your multi-hand blackjack skills without any risk is to play it with dummy money.

It’s a great way to take on a new betting strategy on board and hone your skills. Many American gamblers make the mistake of taking the free-play version lightly. Don’t make this mistake!

The free credits version is an excellent way to become an ace at multi-hand blackjack. Moreover, when you play multi-hand blackjack with free credits. Play, the casino game like you would with real money.

Another option is to play multi-hand blackjack with a bonus. But, make sure that the game weighting is not too steep. Few online casinos offer blackjack bonuses to their players because of its low house edge.


Keep Record of Your Hands

This is exactly what we did. We divided our play between a “soft” and a “hard” version. The soft version is $5 per hand and the hard version is playing for $100 per hand.

We picked up a few things. For example, the RTP dropped from 99% to around 96% – it’s still good make no mistake. The volatility is low when we played $5 bets. We managed a few blackjacks and pushes.

Also, the dealer swept the floor with us whether we HIT or Stood on a soft 15, 16, or 17. We busted most of the time too if we dit HIT. Don’t forget to Split your pairs. And, try and avoid taking insurance against the dealer’s Ace.

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Verdict: Multi-Hand Blackjack for Real Money

Multi-hand blackjack is an easy variant of blackjack to learn and master. It’s also a great game to play if you just want to take things easy. The only downside is that multi-hand blackjack won’t make you rich.

Because if you play Betsoft’s version you can only play for up to $500. We like the casino game’s RTP of 99.13% which means plenty of winning hands.

If you’re looking for a casino game that will make you rich, play slots for real money online. On that note have fun playing multi-hand blackjack and please play responsibly. See ya at the tables!

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