Why Play Slots For Free?

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Otto Bergstrom

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Oct 10, 2022

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US players that visit USAcasinos247 will notice that we harp on, why play slots for free? Well, there is a very good reason for that. This guide explains to you why you should play slots for free.

Best USA Casinos Online to Play Slots for Free

Most online casinos will allow you to test their games with free play credits. The best casinos online that welcome Americans give players dummy money to try their slots.

However, there are a few gambling sites that do not provide a free-play option.

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Is Playing Slots with Free Credits Advantageous?

Yes, it is. Before we started playing slots USA online for real money very few sites spoke about the free play option. American real money casino online players refuse to commit thousands of spins to a game.

Moreover, they said why spend all that time playing a slot when there is nothing in it for them? We beg to differ though.

When you play a slot machine online with dummy money or free credits you experience the visuals and audio.

It’s safe to say that when it comes to playing slots online “looks” matter. But, the sounds and the game art aren’t the only things that are important.

US players get to experience the mechanical side of the slot game too. In other words, what’s the betting range?

The RTP. How many spins it takes to trigger a bonus and you experience the hit frequency? We look at why play slots for free holistically. In other words, we cover it from all angles.


What's The Betting Range?

If you’re not sure where to get all the information about the slot machine, click on “Payable”. The paytable is that little question mark.

The paytable covers the betting range of the slot machine. That’s to say what is the min wager and the maximum bet per spin?

The betting range of most slot machines starts at $0.20 to $100 per spin. The wider the betting range is the better it is for you.

When you play the slots online with free credits you can play it for small or for max bets. That’s the beauty of playing slots online with dummy money.

We strongly suggest you play the slot with free credits just like you would play it for real money.

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What's the RTP of a Slot?

The RTP of a slot game is the average return to player percentage. Whether you play a slot game like Betsoft’s Sleigin’ It with real money or for free, the RTP remains 96.19%.

The payback rate of 96.16% means for every $100 you wager on the slot, it pays back $96.16. It’s not 100% accurate but it gives you an idea of what you’re up against.

Don’t let RTP and house edge confuse you. When it comes to slot machines online we refer to their RTPs. However, when we play table games like blackjack we talk about the house edge.

For example, when you use an optimal betting strategy to play blackjack, you can reduce its house edge to 0.50%.

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How Many Spins Does it Take to Trigger a Bonus Round Playing Slots?

Online casino software providers divide their slot games into low, medium, and high-variance slots. The higher the volatility of a game the longer it takes to initiate its special features.

Let’s say you played Trinity Reels slot for real cash with a bankroll of $150 at $20 per spin. Long before you triggered the free spins feature you would have run out of cash. Had you played the slot with free credits first, you would have played it with a bigger bankroll.

Therefore, the only way to trigger the slot game’s bonus rounds risk-free is to play it with free credits. It can take up to 300 spins plus to trigger the free spins feature.

So, playing a slot beforehand with free-play credits helps you to build a proper bankroll. And, your bankroll will be able to weather those dry spells.

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What Is The Hit Frequency of a Slot Free Credits?

The hit frequency is how many times a slot game pays out on average. For example, if the hit frequency is 30% it means that you’ll win a cash prize on every 3rd spin. Slot games that are low variance have high hit frequencies.

They offer frequent payouts but the wins are usually small. Whilst it’s completely the opposite for high variance games. When you play the slot with free credits online you’ll experience its hit rate.

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The Benefits and Cons of Playing Slots with Free Credits Online

Benefits of Playing with Dummy Cash

You’re not risking your bankroll because you’re playing with free credits. US players can experience the audio track, graphics, and payouts, risk-free.

Playing slots with free credits helps you to craft a proper bankroll. You’ll also know the average free spins trigger of the slot game.

What Are the Cons of Playing slots with Free Credits?

You cannot keep the money you’ve won when you play with free credits. Like many players said it can be time-consuming and boring. Nothing gets the adrenaline up in anticipation of that big win when real money is at stake.


Any sensible slot player will play a slot game with free play credits before they play it with money. It so happens that a game looks great on paper whilst in reality, it’s not. Many online casino software hypes their games up before they release them.

To find out if a game is worth the hype play it with free credits first. Besides, if you had a blast playing the slot with dummy cash. Chances are good you’ll have a great time when you commit real money to it.

So, why play slots for free? It helps you to build a proper bankroll. Formulate a betting strategy because you’ll know the average free spins or bonus round triggers. Finally, which betting range the slot offers the best payouts at?

And, if it’s worth playing the slot with a bonus after you’ve played it with free credits.

the author

Otto Bergstrom

the author

Otto Bergstrom, a casino and gambling veteran with 20 years of experience, writes for USAcasinos247. He is a Technical gambler and very few have his expert capability when it comes to Online Casinos and game play stratergies

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