Why It’s Advantageous to Play Slow at Online Casinos

When it comes to playing casino games for real money at online casinos it's advantageous to play slow. You most probably heard that old saying, slow and steady always wins the race.After all, look what the tortoise did to the rabbit. Now, there are several reasons why it's best to play at your own pace. This article explores why you should never rush your bets at online gambling sites.

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Otto Bergstrom

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Aug 18, 2022


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Games at Online Casinos Play Fast

poker iconWith the exception of a few casino games online. The games at online casinos in the United States are fast. Especially when you play slots for real money. The reels on a slot machine spin at a frenetic pace as such you can lose your money fast.

Even playing slot machines with serene audio tracks can have a soothing effect. In return, this helps you to play at a slower pace. Pick a game that suits your style of play as well as your pocket.

If a game is fast reduce your bets and keep tabs on your bankroll. Moreover, it helps a lot if you time your sessions by using the Auto Play feature.

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Advantages of Slow Play at Online casinos

Taking a slower pace at certain activities is beneficial for long-term survival. The same is true when playing at online casinos. The benefits of playing slow may be the difference between having pizza or a gourmet meal at a casino.

When you keep a clear and steady head, you make better decisions. There’s no way around that fact. The real advantage of slow play becomes apparent when it comes to live dealer casinos. Let’s take a game of poker as the perfect example.


Playing Slowly Helps You to Think Fast!

Playing a successful poker game depends on quick thinking. However, it does not mean you need to act fast. When you watch a WSOP game, you’ll notice that the contestants like to use slow play as a strategy.

The players sit around the table, slowly playing with their chips and showing no emotion. Their behavior throws other players off their game. It is a deceptively effective strategy.

Some might argue that a fast move after the community cards indicates a good hand. Many opponents throw in their cards. But now you sit with a good hand and a small pot.

Do you see the effect of fast play here? The ultimate goal of playing interactive poker is to boost the pot by slowly pulling in more raises. You can only accomplish that when you play online poker slowly.


Slow Down a Hand in Poker

Apply some acting skills around the poker table to increase the pot. Purposefully move at a slower pace than usual. Your opponents might think you are unsure of your hand or considering options.

This move gives them a false sense of security, and they become overconfident. Be careful not to overdo it. For example, don’t make hand gestures to show your fake hesitation. You want to keep your opponents engaged as long as possible.


Play Poker Smart

live casino iconWhen you win a round of poker, you don’t have to show your hand. We suggest you never show your cards. If you do, your rivals know you were playing them and know your ‘tell.’

Should it come down to an all-in situation where you must show your cards, it can change the game’s dynamic. Protect your slow-play strategy by changing things up a bit. Deviate from slow moves every so often to throw your opponents off.

Don’t go from too slow to too fast, either. Instead, shift your pace gradually and prevent them from reading your play pattern. A string bet is when a poker player raises his initial bet based on the actions of the other players.

Unfortunately, poker tables don’t allow it. Decide on your bet, put in the chips, then sit back and play the round. Then, when you have confidence in your hand, you can raise it in the next round.

Furthermore, the same rule applies to live dealer American blackjack. Know the rules, odds and have a betting strategy when you play.


Coffee-Housing Ploys Playing Poker

These are moves from poker players that talk all the time in an effort to collect information. Don’t engage with these players’ ploys to intimidate you. Instead, keep your poker face clear of emotions and play your slow game.

They’ll back off as quickly as a suspended school bully. Keep an eye on these players at all times. When they stop coffee-housing and become too quiet, it indicates they’re off their game. Then it’s time for you to jump into action and play them out of the round.



So, it makes sense as to why it’s advantageous to play slow at online casinos. It takes some time to get your poker pace skills perfect. So while you are practicing, make small bets and throw in bad hands.

the author

Otto Bergstrom

the author

Otto Bergstrom, a casino and gambling veteran with 20 years of experience, writes for USAcasinos247. He is a Technical gambler and very few have his expert capability when it comes to Online Casinos and game play stratergies

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